joi, 18 mai 2017


A first impression always sticks with you forever no matter if we are talking about a person, a product or a new website, When we first see it we form a thought and imediatly associate that with something, and it's hard to change that opinion over the time, especialy after a bad experience or appereance. Now in the 2017 everyone preferes doing online shopping than rather going in stores. First of all because with online shopping, you can spare the time for other important activities and money. Online stores and other services websites greet customers with weekly deals and sales, and most of them also give discount coupons for a second order or for the loyal customers that saves you a lot on your budget. But what I think that is more important and has a great impact on customers that do online shopping is for sure the websites design and product availability. A slow internet conection and a slow responding website are the main factors that make your customers leave. The second, is the out of stock sintagm that not only make people get upset but also to close your website for a long period of time. A lack of disponibility on most products will affect your website, so work hard on supplying your stock for a pleasant experience and happy customers. 

One of my favourite websites for women apparel and beauty accessories does not only meets all the charactheristics above, but also have very good pricing and fast shipping, that is crucial for the millenials online shoppers! On Zaful there are no such things as slow workers or lack of guidance! Let me tell you a story: a month ago, I was in a desperate need of a blue stripped dress. Don't ask why my boss wanted us girls to wear them all different but she did. So after a while me and me collegues got really mad because there were few design in stores and many of them were already repeating until boredom! And I got an ideea! Many online bloggers have suggested me this website but not until recently I went on it, and since my first order I kept on buying from them. So, after a dissapointing shopping experience on our local store, my crew and I got online and got these fabulous striped dresses just perfect for our event! I am going to show you guys what we wore so you can make an opinion on the big diversity of the website first:

Striped Linen Blend Shirt Dress - Blue And White

 Off Shoulder Drawstring Striped Dress - Light Blue

 Off Shoulder Ruffle Striped Dress With Pockets - Light Blue

 Sleeveless Striped Bowknot Dress - Blue Stripe

We had to wear blue striped dresses for a smart casual look with sandals and summer accessories and I think we looked great. In case you are wondering, the packages from Zaful through the standard shipping is free over 30$ orders and it arrives somewhere between 2-3 weeks. The staff from Zaful works orders very fast, and in like 1 or 2 days you get is shipped with a tracking code and a message from the support center with all the details you may need for assurance. So if you want a fast and professional staff and website for your online shopping routine I recommend you Zaful of course! They keep in touch always with their customers and never forget to remind you of their latest arrivals and sales campaign. Also, they say that a happy customer makes Zaful even happier so I guess this speaks a lot about them, right? But what do you say? What do you think about online shopping and about this great website?


I've heard a lot of girls saying that they love wearing extensions and buy them periodicaly online, but they do not really know for sure if the extensions they are buying are 100% made out of virgin hair or synthetic one. Many as well didn't knew the differences between virgin human hair and remy hair and why they are called like this. Young women usualy shop online for hair products based on others experiences and indications, and a big number of them actualy buy poor quality hair extensions and wigs, but today I am going to clarify you all where you cand find wholesale hair extensions at a great price and with a very high quality. As I've said, the virgin human hair and remy hair are very similar and almost hard to see if this is your first time buying it. I myself can not always distinguish them because we have so many types and models that sometime I might mistake for myself, but usualy I know which ones are ok. Today I want to say just quick the difference between virgin hair and remy hair. First of all, if you have decided to wear extensions or a wig for a long period of time, then you are more than 100% percent devoted to maintain your products as the label says. Innapropiate usage can deteriorate your extensions, so do exactly as the producers say and everything will be ok! Now back to my subject! So, the virgin natural hair in extensions and wigs is real human hair collected directly from a donor. It has never been bleached, dyed, permed or chemicaly processed, meaning that virgin hair is untreated, and comes from one single person.

Now here comes the question: but is remy virgin hair still the same thing as virgin hair? Well yes, definitely! The difference between these two kinds is that remy hair has the cuticles intacts, following one direction meaning you will have a natural hair aspect no matter what, while simple virgin hair wholesale extensions may differe in direction. This could be a very troubling thing especialy when combing the hair all togheter. It will not always look ok so you will have to take special care with hair routine and application. There are any online stores that provide you enough information about their products and give you strict informations about them, but I recommednd you to visit TedHair rather that others because this website is the premium hair extensions manufacturer in China, providing top quality hair products and service to distribuitors, vendors, salon and online stores owners around the world. More opinions and suggestions about the products that are best for you is available on the website but I suggest you to contact TedHair directly for further informations. They will take care you have a great experience and present the top hair extensions, wigs and wholesale service for each customer.

miercuri, 17 mai 2017


There comes a time when you must leave behind your old life and begin a new one on your own. The first year of college might seem very hard and tiredy, but after a while you get used to this madness and hardworking, and you embrace it because after all, this is how your life is going to be from now on! You will no longer live with your parents in your sweet and confortable room! You will have to face the cruel reality: sharing a dorm with a new collegue! That might be strange at the beggining and maybe hard also because not all dorm roomies get along from the very start. It gets a while to get acustomed with each other but that is an optimistic thought though! Sometimes it happend that roomies don't get along and simply ignore each other until the school year ends. But let's leave that for a different talk, because today I want to share with you a little trick to make your room look comfy and nice! 

I know that even thought you are anxious to get in this new adventure and try new things, the experience of leaving your home is terrible. You will miss your bed, your old pillow, your photos on the walls and everything that is in that room and I get it! I felt the same the first time, but after a few days I told to myself: no, you are stronger than this! It doesn't matter if you live in a dorm with more pleople, what matters is to make that little bedroom as comfortable for you as possible! First advice: trace your limits with your roomie and talk about what chages you can make and whish not. Good, after settling things out, go and repaint the walls as you want the on your side of the room. Then buy some warm and cozy bedding sets and also some fluffy carpet. It already look welcoming right? If you want, you can bring you home desk or any other furniture you need! 

They will allow you to do it so make as you wish! But don't forget to put a pretty vase on it with seasonal flowers for a bright mood! Last but not least, add some colour and personality to your room! Play with colours and textures! Frame some old photos or pictures you like, then add some wall stickers for a new design and voila! A new room even better that your old one to make you feel as home at anytime of the day! Already a new view that makes you feel better and no longer feeling homesick, right? You can also personalise your bathroom did you know that? There are bathroom wall art perfect for a fresh and wonderful time in the bathroom! If you liked my advices and want to look up for some wall stickers and other home accessories I suggest you look on the following images and then go visit the website for more. 

Colorful Butterflies Girl Riding Flower Bike Print Wall Sticker Gorgeous Flowers and Trees Pattern Waterproof 3D Bathroom Wall Murals Colorful Butterflies Girl with Wings Print Wall Sticker Creative Modern Design Vines Flowers Pattern Waterproof 3D Bathroom Wall Murals White and Purple Beautiful Peony Design Waterproof 3D Bathroom Wall Murals Elegant Simple Style Pink Flower Pattern Waterproof 3D Bathroom Wall Murals


Premature aging can cause multiple appereance changes for women and men, but one of the most usual and common changes through all that make both men and women lose their confidente and self esteem issues more than anything, are wrinkles and hair loss. For facial expressions wrinkles there are exquisite and hydrating lotions and creams, but for a big amount of hair loss there are only a few options to cover up the local problems. Hair loss can have multiple causes such as aging, vitamins deficiency, health issues or an agressive hair routine, but no matter what the cause is, a big amount of hair loss can cause lots of insecurities and many women find themselves in a strange and shamefull situation, so they try to cover up their hair problems with wigs, that are far the best option for a natural and normal look. Now the main question is where to? Are these 360 lace wigs good for me, or should I try a hair implant for safety measures? Is a wig expensive, will I be able to wear it daily? How do I keep it and make it lok great after a few uses? First of all you need to know why you are losing so much hair and finding a way to treat it because it can be a sign of a big health isuue. After that, ask your doctor what you can use for regrowht, and then ask if it is ok to wear a wig. If you sorted things out, found the causes and already following a treatment, then you can go shopping online for a wig or maybe multiple wigs to regain your confidence and looks.

There are a few rules to follow when shopping hair bundle deals but do not worry because they are not strict at all, and actualy they are actualy just simple indications you should pay attention to if you want to look ok in the end, and maybe make a deal too! This are just a few recommendations so that you can find the wig that it suits you well from the very beginning!

First of all, try to figure out what kind of wig typ you want: one made of natural human hair or maybe a synthetic one. It is very important to know the difference between them and chosing the propper one for you. If you are not entirely satisfied with examples and specifics from the web then I suggest you to go online on BestHairBuy because there are a lot in informations for newbies. After that, pay close attention to the lenght and colour. First I bet you will want a natural and very similar look alike wig to match your skin tone and remaining hair, but after a while you will need something new and maybe a dramatic look so go for a short bob or an ombre style for a bit of glamour. And don't forget about the atachment system. Choose the one that fits perfectly on your head and stays there! I am sure non of you wants their wigs to run out of your heads when the wind blows a little harder, am I right? So pay close attention and find the wig that is both natural looking and secure. I often show you on my blog new websites but this time these online store with hair acessories and products is far my favourite from them all. Go on BestHairBuy on your own if you want to look for a new hair extensions or wigs because they have the greatest deals at the moment! Hope you find what you want and hope you have a great day! Don't forget to tell me your opinions in the comment section. Kisses!

marți, 16 mai 2017


Nu vei mai citi nici o trilogie, nu vei mai incepe nici un volum nou al unei serii! Imi repet aceste cuvinte ca o mantra de cateva saptamana incoace, si totusi intr-un fel sau altul reusesc sa calc stramb fara nici o remuscare, asta pana cand descopar ca urmatorul volum al seriei de care m-am indragostit, nici macar nu exista! Dureros, sfasietor, aproape simt ca innebunesc de furie! Veronica Roth cu siguranta stia ca se va intampla acest lucru si totusi, nu a facut nimic in acest sens! Tine ca pe jar cititorii dar sper eu cat de curand sa dea ceva detalii despre cum merg treburile cu urmatorul volum al seriei Pecetea Mortii ori de nu, voi intra in depresie! Just kidding... sau poate nu?! Oricum ar fi, despre aceasta carte mi-am propus sa vorbim astazi, si stiu ca am intarziat putin (mai mult) cu scrierea recenziei si imi pare sincer rau ca mi-a luat atat de mult timp sa o finalizez, dar atunci cand citesti o carte de o asemenea maretie, cu greu iti gasesti cuvintele pentru a o descrie perfect! Nu stiu daca voi putea sa redau in cuvinte tot ce am simtit cand am citit-o, dar voi incerca pe cat posibil sa evit spoilerele pentru ca este o carte ce merita cu adevarat descoperita si savurata pe indelete!

Daca va inchipuiti ca Pecetea Mortii este o carte sinpla si banala, va asigur ca va inselati! La prima vedere poate parea inofensiva, insa pe masura ce te scufunzi in lectura si te pierzi prin ale sale pagini realizezi cat de complexa si profunda este cu adevarat.  Numarul impresionant de pagini cat si volumul cartii poate sa te copleseasca la inceput, ba chiar sa te descurajeze sa ii dai o sansa, dar va recomand sa nu va speriati si sa cititi cu mult calm si cu rabdare, pentru ca veti descoperi o poveste SF cu usoare accente fantasy care o sa va fascineze in asa fel incat veti pierde ore in sir citind, si totusi la final sa simtiti ca nu a fost de ajuns, ca aveti nevoie de mai mult! Este posibil ca inceputul sa ti se para usor dificil, putin mai greu de parcurs si memorat, dar nu te condamn! In cele dintai capitole ale cartii vei face cunostinta cu doua dintre personajele cheie, cu traditiile si credintele lor, cu un razboi care ameninta o intreaga planeta si un destin care nu iarta, si probabil te vei pierde putin in avalansa de informatii noi pe care autoarea ti le ofera pentru a intelege mai bine felul in care functioneaza fiecare personaj, natiune si har. Dar nu dispera, caci in final, dupa ce vei fi parcurs cu atentie aceastra introducere in forta si plina de lucruri noi, vei putea pune cap la cap piesele unui puzzle nu atat de complicat precum pare.

Vei intelege sensul pecetilor mortii, si de ce sunt atat de importante aceste insemnari pentru natiunea shoteta. Apoi, dupa ce te obisnuiesti cu denumirile neobisnuite ale planetelor si cu actiunea, ritmul devine mult mai alert si incitant. Mi-au placut foarte mult rasturnarile de situatie din carte, finalul imprevizibil si harurile diferite si surprinzatoare ale personajelor. M-am indragostit de Akos dar si de Cyra, insa pe el l-am apreciat mai mult pentru atitudinea sa calma, perseveranta si loialitatea fata de familia sa, de talentul sau la pregatit potiuni si amestecuri din plante ale caror denumiri si proprietati le invatam impreuna cu Cyra, care la randul ei are nevoie sa inteleaga cum anume functioneaza acestea si cum le poate folosi pentru a opri durerea ametitoare pe care o poarta ca haina de care nu se poate dezbraca. Fii pregatit sa pasesti intr-o lume noua, plina de surprize placute dar si mai putin placute, si fii alaturi de Cyra si Akos in aceasta calatorie impresionanta peste Diviziune!

Intr-o galaxie indepartata, unde fluxul ce strabate intinderea vastra dintre planete ofera unora haruri spectaculoase si primejdioase pe care le pot folosi impotriva celor lipsiti de acest har, doi tineri din familii predestinate aflate in razboi, se lupta pentru libertate. Dupa ani de liniste, conflictul dintre thuvesiti si shoteti pare sa ia din nou amploare. Pe Thuve lucrurile incep sa urmeze un alt fagas decat cel obisnuit, dar nu iti poti schimba destinul oricat de mult te impotrivesti. Ryzek Noavek este insa de alta parere, asa ca atunci cand isi afla destinul, stie ca un singur lucru il poate ajuta sa schimbe cursul lucrurilor, si nimic nu ii va sta in cale. Dar Akos Kereseth nu va uita niciodata brutalitatea acelei zile cand tatal i-a fost omorat in fata ochilor si fratele rapit de conducatorul taberei adverse care ani de-a randul a terorizat o intreaga galaxie cu gesturile brutale si sangeroase cu scopul de a-si arata suprematia asupra planetei Thuve pe care trebuie sa o imparta cu un alt popor natiune. Cu toate ca este captiv si obligat sa lucreze in serviciul familiei Noavek dupa cum ii este predestinat, Akos nu isi pierde nici o clipa din vizor principalul obiectiv: evadarea din casa Noavek impreuna cu fratele sau Eijek. Insa planurile ii sunt date peste cap de Cyra, o tanara care are nevoie de ajutorul lui mai mult decat fratele lui mai mare.

Harul pe care Cyra l-a primit/dobandit in copilarie, este atat de brutal si de dureros incat nici macar ea nu ii poate face fata, dar pentru Ryzek, este arma perfecta pentru a-si arata puterea in fata unei intregi natiuni. Umbre intunecate ii pulseaza sub piele amenintatoare, umbre care provoaca durere atat Cyrei cat si celor care se apropie de ea, pentru ca o singura atingere este suficienta pentru a pune la pamant chiar si pe cel mai puternic oponent. Iar Ryzek va avea grija sa exploateze la maximum puterea surorii sale mai mici pentru a semana teroare si frica in oameni. Dar Cyra nu isi doreste sa raneasca pe nimeni, si nu il va mai lasa niciodata pe Ryzek sa profite de harul ei. Alaturi de Akos, alaturi de care cunoaste prietenia adevarata si alinarea, Cyra va gasi calea catre libertate. Si va face orice pentru a-l salva pe cel iubit de la o moarte lenta si dureroasa. Vor reusi cei doi sa il inlature de la conducere pe Ryzek, si sa fie impreuna, sau vor ramane pentru totdeauna prizonierii familiei Noavek si a capriciilor acestuia? Este Cyra pregatita sa infrunte furia poporului shotet pentru actele sale de inalta tradare? Este Akos pregatit sa isi salveze fratele si sa strabata lanul de nagara pentru a ajunge din nou acasa? Care sunt destinele lor si cum se vor implini acestea, puteti afla doar in Pecetea Mortii, carte pe care o puteti comanda de pe site-ul LedaBooks sau din librariile partenere.