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Ce carti am citit in Februarie / February Wrap Up

Nu am fost suficient de activa in luna Februarie in mediul online si nici nu mi-am permis sa citesc atat de mult pe cat mi-as fi dorit pentru alte treburi au avut prioritate dar totusi luna nu s-a incheiat fara ca eu sa citesc macar ceva micut... Cum ziceam, am avut multa treaba si mi-a fost greu sa tin pasul cu toate luna aceasta dar asa printre pauza si mai ales inainte de culcare, mi-am rupt putin din timpul de odihna si am mai rasfoit putin astfel ca am reusit sa citesc doar doua carti de la cap la coada. Am ales ceva lejer pentru ca stiam ca nu voi putea tine pasul cu toata agitatia din jur asa ca pe lista am bifat o carte romantice si una young adult dupa cum urmeaza: Dorintele unui Duce si Pana ne vom revedea despre care va voi vorbi pe scurt de data aceasta. 

1. Dorintele unui duce - Vicky Dreiling
Dorintele unui duce de Vicky Dreiling nu a fost tocmai pe placul meu pentru ca actiunea a fost lenta, lipstita de evenimente. Nu s-a intamplat nimic interesant in carte si chiar pot spune ca i-a lipsit cu desavarsite sarea si piperul dar cu toate acestea m-am tinut sa o termin de citit pentru ca mi-am propus ca indiferent daca imi place sau nu, sa termin orice carte inceputa pentru ca lectura suplimentara nu strica niciodata! In Dorintele unui Duce facem cunostinta cu Lucy, protagonista cartii care urmareste sa obtina un post de profesor de dans la unul dintre cele mai bune studiouri pentru a putea obtine un venit decent pentru ea si bunica ei, dar vremurile grele si o intalnire neasteptata in miez de noapte o fac pe tanara dansatoare sa isi lase garda jos si sa-si piarda din focus visul cel mai mare. Cu toate acestea, se poate spune ca intalnirea unui duce nu poate di chiar de rau augur atat timp cat acesta este un domn galant de maniere bune si un fizic impresionant. Visele insa au nevoie de mult pentru a deveni realitate iar Lucy nu isi poate gasi locul in lumea plina de rautati si prejudecati ale aristocratiei londoneze. Daca va reusi sau nu sa invinga Lucy piedicile, ramane sa descoperiti chiar voi! 

2. Pana ne vom revedea - Renee Collins 
Cu totii stim ca uneori povesti YA pot deveni pline de clisee dar alaturi de Cass si Lawrence vom trai o poveste de iubire putin atipica de data aceasta! Cum ar fi daca vacanta de vara ti-ai cunoaste marea dragoste, care t va marca pe viata? Probabil ca vei crede ca esti cea mai norocoasa femeie de pe pamant, dar ce vei face atunci cand vei descoperi ca sortitul nu face parte din lumea ta? Este oare un vis sau realitate? Cassandra stie ca nu are cum sa fie doar un vis pentru ca Lawrence este cat se poate de real, iar intalnirile de pe plaja sunt revelatoare pentru cei doi tineri care incearca sa-si traiasca povestea de dragoste in cele cateva saptamani care le-au mai ramas la dispozitie pentru ca povestea lui Lawrence este una cu un final trist... sau poate nu? Poate oare o simpla adolescenta sa schimbe viitorul si sa-i ofere lui Lawrence viata pe care nu a stiut ca o poate avea? Cum va afecta schimbarea lucrurilor din trecut, mersul lucrurilor din viitor? O vara plina de incercari si o poveste de dragoste care depaseste barierele timpului va asteapta in cartea Pana ne vom revedea de Renee Collins, carte publicata in colectia editurii Leda  Edge.

Want the perfect blonde? Here are a few products that could help you get it!

Pursuing and achieving the perfect blonde hair colour can be sometimes a bumpy ride considering the various shades available on market and professional help. If you are considering being a blonde or simply want to renew your already blonde hair thn you already know that this shade is a very difficult one. It is not easy to get the perfect shade you want or at least something similar to the one shown on your recipient's. If you want a platinum blonde, the steps are evn more tidious because platinum is a very had to get shade if the hair is not properly prepaired in advanced. A professional hairstylist which works only with superious products and techniques could create a perfect platinum blonde or any type of blonde from the catalogue so I think you should go in a saloon not working at home with products that could endager your health and hair. If you don't want to dye your hair and just get a simply bleached or ombre style then some blonde bundles with front closure are ok for a fuller look. There are a lot of various shades and designs with long, mediun and shorts lenghts you can find online but my favourite is this one from Maxglam that is a high quality bundle.

blonde weave

If you also wonder how will the final product will look on you and how they would follow up with your natural hair then I can show you a picture of a client that purchased online a blonde weave for a ombre style and looks amazing! The same look can be achieved by wearing a blonde lace front wig with as well but the first two options I suggested you above are the best for a sleek finish and a more natural look for daily use. Remember that the products must be cleaned and washed as the instructions say and you can use the curling iron without any problem on them as long as you are not holding it longer than it should because they can as well deteriorate and burn just as natural hair. Hope you liked this article and find useful the informations I offered you for a perfect blonde hair without any dyeing or chemical products added on your hair. For more products that are easy to use go online. 

blonde lace front wig

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Prom outfits - to do list

There are moments in a young women's life that need special preparations: wedding, engadgement, prom night etc. At every one of them they must look ravishing so in order for their dream to come true and live a night hard to forget they must prepair in advance! If you find yourself in the same situation and need a dress for your prom night in the upcoming season, then pay attention to this short list that could help you achieve a great look for cheap from and later have the time for your life! 

Before making any decisions about your means of transportations you should know where the party is going to be held and how you can get there. Knowing the venue location should simplify your access with your own car or with a taxi in case it is far from your house. Most of your collegues will rent a big car to go together so there might be a change for you to get there without your car! Second on my list of priorities are boys! I know it might sound silly, but a nice partner can make the difference between a nght to remember or a night to forget! If you are not geting an invitations from your crus don't make a fuss out of it! You can invite him and find out if he is ok with this or not! Be bold and take charge before boys do! It is known that boys can sometimes be lazy or make poor choices in life so be the girl with the initiative and ask first! I do suggest you not to forget other boys in your school that might deserve your attention! But if you don't find a partner you like or don't get invited by one, then you can go by yourself and still have a great time even though you are wearing matric dance dresses.

Finding the perfect dress can be a catch if you are not a fashion interested person! If you do not know where to begin looking or what to wear then you must know that there are some simple rules that women follow when they are on a impass like this! First things first, the dress shoud not be beaded or full or ruffles if you want a classy and elegant look. A simple little black dress or a red dress should make the deal but if you want a bit of sensual touch there are similar designs which come as two-piece prom dresses easy to wear or combine with other pieces of clothings for a more daily outfit. For a more princess type of gown just opt for new african evening dresses in bold colours or patterns but don't forget that sometimes simple looks are more appreciated and give you the best advantage. 

Bridesmais dresses 2018

Bridesmaid Dresses MillyBridal

There are moment that last with you forever! It is only up to you to make them look as beautiful as they should be so if you are bride to be then congratulations! Marriage is a very important step in every women's life and as any bride, you would much probably like to share your whole experience with your must beloved freinds and family members. There are a lot on things to talk about when a wedding is planned but today, we shall only talk about those precious moments any bride should enjoy only with their girls. Friendship is very important and every woman knows that finding that best friend is a difficult task, but when it happens you know that there would be nothing that could tear apart that special bond you share with your best friend. Bridesmaid have a leading role in a wedding and a supporting and encouraging task. Bridemaids are not only simple women but they are the persons that love and cherish you the most! If they give you their acceptance to be by your side on that day, then you are a lucky one! Make sure you have a great day and make them feel special! Here are a few things to keep in sight to help you build a nice relationship as bride and bridemaids!

1. Don't give them too many tasks! It is your wedding so it is your responsability to make it work not theirs! Make sure you have a list of things that you could use help for and do not exagerate with too many tasks. Keep it simple and give them only dutties they can perform because they should be as emotional as you are! If you have a theme in mind then check online for all those things you need to make the venue look as you wish. You could also search in time for blue bridesmaid dresses uk.

2. Talk about everything in advance! Weddings can bring the best or the worst in some! Don't be a bridezilla and start timing everything! Talk in advance with all those who are in charge of the wedding and pay all the bills in time so there are no unpleasant surprises on the big day! After that, tell your girls to pay attention to all the changes and note them in your agenda to keep it all tight. After that there should be nothing to upset you! Bridesmaids come really in handy in wedding preparations but it is only up to you to make it all work on the big day!

3. Share special moment with your girls in special outfits! It is common to make your bridesmaids wear the same dresses or respect your dress code but don't exagerate! If you want them to be happy go togheter on MillyBridal and look up for dresses in advance. Custom made outfits can take long to be done so if you are in a lack of time buy them online. In 2018 the pastels are still a brilliant top choice so look up for pink bridesmaid dresses uk as well.

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Top 3 probleme frecvente intalnite la un laptop si solutii ce te pot salva

De cele mai multe ori un laptop achizitionat la un pret modest reflecta o experienta dezagreabila, calitatea acestuia lasand de dorit. Cheltuielile suplimentare datorate acestui lucru nu iti vor lasa o senzatie placuta. De aceea, e bine sa ai in vedere urmatoarele criterii atunci cand te lovesti de situatia in care device-ul te lasa la greu.

Un laptop ieftin va implica, ulterior, cheltuieli nedorite

O mare parte dintre persoane inteleg prin investitie avantajoasa cheltuirea a cat mai putini bani, iar din acest motiv aleg produse ieftine, fara a mai lua in calcul calitatea lor si eventuale alte costuri datorate nivelului scazut de eficacitate. Un laptop sau PC ieftin se va defecta mult mai des pentru ca, de cele mai multe ori, nivelul de performanta al acestuia se va reflecta si in pretul sau. In mod cert, va trebui sa ii schimbi cate o componenta sau sa-i reinstalezi windows-ul la o perioada de cateva luni, bani pe care daca ii aduni, vei constata ca i-ai putea investesti intr-unul nou.  Daca nu iti permiti achizitionarea unuia ce prezinta calitatea dorita, intra aici si poti opta pentru un credit rapid de la CreditFix, cu 0% dobanda pentru primul imprumut. Avantajul unei astfel de optiuni consta si in termenul scurt de asteptare pentru obtinerea sumei necesare.

Cele mai dese defectiuni intalnite la un PC

1.       Laptopul se opreste in mod repetat dupa ce a pornit
In situatia in care laptopul porneste fara a avea vreo imagine pe ecran si dupa cateva secunde se opreste, problema ar putea fi defectarea placii de baza. Daca te lovesti de o astfel de situatie si, totusi, nu vrei sa renunti la el in favoarea unuia nou, poti intra pe pentru a consulta parerea unui specialist cu privire la aceasta problema, sau poti opta pentru o reparatie ce va fi executata fara cusur. De asemenea, preturile serviciilor nu vor crea mare paguba in bugetul tau, acestea fiind la un nivel destul de accesbil.

2.       Bateria nu se incarca corespunzator sau deloc
 Daca bateria nu se alimenteaza complet sau nu mai incarca deloc, in mod cert este defecta, sau placa de baza prezinta o problema. Daca atunci cand ajustezi pozitia varfului adaptorului alimentarea se face in conditii optime, insemna ca problema e de la mufa laptopului si va fi nevoie sa schimbi incarcatorul.

3.       Probleme la lumina ecranului
Pentru situatia in care lumina se opreste sau scade in intensitate, dar device-ul functioneaza in conditii optime, este de luat in calcul o posibila problema la lampa de iluminare din spatele ecranului sau invertorul de display nu mai functioneaza. In acest caz, singurul lucru pe care il poti face este sa inlocuiesti unul dintre aceste doua componente.
In final, alegerea in aceasta privinta iti apartine, dar cel mai avantajos pentru tine va fi acorzi o foarte mare atentie atunci cand optezi pentru un PC sau laptop. Incearca sa te documentezi bine inainte de achizitiona unul, citeste review-uri si tine cont si de  raportul calitate-pret.